shap debate 2020.png

Topics for the debate are:

(a) Learning about different software for engineering students is beneficial or not.

(b) What would be your choice to stay home or to help government in this pandemic situation?

(c) In this pandemic situation is social media useful for us or not?

(d) Is creativity more important than knowledge?

(e) In this pandemic situation is the knowledge of

Mahabharata and Ramayana positive or not?


• This level contains 25 points.

• Group would be formed randomly by us and the members

would be informed.

• 4 participates would be divided in each team.

• Each participate have to speak related to the topic.

• Each participates will get 5 points for sharing the


• Each player’s point would be calculated and that total

would be representing the team points.

• Extra 5 points would be given for the team behavior.

• The topics would be share to the participates before the

event starts.

reward SHAP.png